Saturday, September 4, 2010

Why have children?

This might sound like a strange, almost insane question. But since it is possible to ask oneself this question I will. So, why have children? Here are a few of the answers I have gathered over the years.

“Why do you think rabbits have babies? It's nature.”

- Yes, nature it is, but as humans we have a choice. One can choose to not have children.

“So that the human race can continue.”

- Hmmm.. Interesting but in vain. After some billions of years the sun will have stopped shining, the earth will have disappeared and our whole universe will have turned into stardust. I highly doubt that the human race will survive all of this. Furthermore, if you really want to help the human race it might be better, considering the looming and catastrophic overpopulation, to not have children at all...

“Well, I want to have something to re-incarnate into. Hahaha”

- Interesting... Very selfish but interesting... Still, if that were really true, how do you know you wouldn't be better off re-incarnating into another species, on another planet?

“I want to give another person the gift of life.”

- You might like your life but how do you know your kid will enjoy his/her life too? There are so many things out there that can cripple your body and mind... How do you know he might not one day, out of desperation, pull the trigger and commit suicide?

“I want someone to give my love and care to.”

- Even though it sounds very noble it is rather selfish... Just because you have a certain need you are going to bring another human being into this world. If your intentions were really that noble why not give your love to someone who needs it ? (an orphan for example)

1.“If you ever have a child you will experience how it is to love someone unconditionally”

2. “The day you have a child you become complete as a woman” (or man..? )

3. “At some point you grow older, you have done so many things, you've become bored. Then, if you have a child that gives a new twist to your life. You can start living for your children then.”

- In all of these cases the reason for having a child seems rather selfish. Just because you want to "feel complete", "experience unconditional love", and fill your life, you are going to bring another human being into the wolrd. Just because you have certain needs.

“The relation between a child and his parent is the most complex and beautiful relationship out there. You will love no one more than your child.”

- Hmmm... Probably this is usually true, though not always... And I guess if it is true, then your child will have his “most beautiful relationship” with his own child (not you, his parent: for all he might hate you). Tricky...

“Why do you ask this question? What else is there in life?”

- …I am afraid I don't have a clue...