Saturday, July 12, 2014

Life lessons from a plant

Today one of my plants taught me a (humbling) life lesson. In fact it was not just any of my plants, it was (and is) my favorite plant.

In January I tried planting 3 avocado seeds (with the glass of water + stick method). Months passed and nothing seemed to happen. I got fed up with waiting at some point so I decided "this is the day I give up and throw them away". #1 and #2 disappeared into the trashcan, and just as I was about to throw away #3 I noticed it had hatched! HALLELUJAH!!!!! Ever since it has been growing wonderfully, giving me big, beautiful leaves of a vibrant green color. It is my favorite plant by far.

Yesterday morning I was, once again, observing my avocado plant with a mix of love, admiration and tenderness (who would have ever thought I'd feel all of that for a plant!), feeling grateful and content at the same time. 12 hours later I walk into the kitchen and face my avocado plant with horror! The top part of the plant's trunk, along with it's top 4 leaves (it only has like 7 or 8 leaves....) were hanging down all droopy! I was shocked. Soon after I noticed the reason for this disaster: there was absolutely no water left in the glass!!!

This is a plant I love, it is my favorite plant and yet I managed to make such a stupid and basic mistake!!! (ever heard of the need to water a plant? hello!) That is when I learned life lesson #1: No matter how much you love someone, no matter how good your intentions are, this does not protect you against making a serious mistake and hurting him/her...
Quiet humbling....

So I put fresh water in the glass and thankfully this morning my plant was back to normal. Phew! I was really scared there...!

And that made life lesson #2: though some mistakes are irreversible, the majority thankfully aren't and with love and care, a lot can be healed. :)