Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Doing groceries as if it mattered

So once again I am standing in the supermarket trying to figure out which kind of tomatoes to buy. They all have different names, taste (I hope) and prices. But to complicate matters more they also come from different countries! So, how am I to choose? I decide to go with the most “environmental friendly” tomatoes. I assume those must be the Dutch ones (since they most probably have the smallest carbon footprint for transport) so I reach out to grab one. But wait a minute: this is not “tomato season”!... Tomatoes don't naturally grow in winter! So this means these are greenhouse tomatoes. Hmmm... Are greenhouses environmentally friendlier than import? I don't know....Shoo... :( Desperate I just go for the cheapest Dutch ones.

Then I reach the avocado section. Oh how delicious they look!... So tempting!... But I resist: “I am not going to buy you you little “polluters”. You come from the other side of the world!” and I run to the check-out counter. Later at home I regret my decision.... What if those avocados were the primary source of income of some country and what if everyone thought like me? Then we would have just forced an entire village into oblivion!...

Oooww... :( I can't do anything right, can I?