Wednesday, March 31, 2010

IKEA: Design your life.

Can't really control your life? Feel you don't have a choice? Don't know what to do with yourself? Feel like there are not enough outlets for you to express yourself?

Well, have you ever considered spending all your energy on creating yourself the perfect interior then? Cause that is what IKEA's advertisement suggests you should do:

"IKEA. Design your life." (quote from radio)

Because this is what our pathetic consumeristic existance has come to:
designing your interior = designing your life

So cheer up, when there is nothing else left to do to give yourself a sense of place, belonging and achievement, you can always re-do your interior!

PS: If you are as frustrated as me, here is another cheaper alterative for you: start a blog! :P


Anonymous said...

I enjoy sharing the same furniture with my friends.We all have bought them from IKEA and i consider them as a masterpiece.Every little thing in my house comes from IKEA.Great variety of modern,cheap furniture that can express your charachter,who you really are.
You should give IKEA another try,there are many new products in 2010 catalogue.

Nice blog,

Philo said...

Can you keep a secret? My room is actually (and ironically) already equiped with IKEA from top to toe. :p

Anonymous said...

Getting confused.Are you for or against ikea? :P
Well,my opinion is that there are some eirther artistic or cheap-clever pieces for your place but i dislike the fact that i can find the same thing in many different houses.
Κατάλαβες τι εννοώ,Α!Αυτή η καρέκλα την έχει η Σούλα,ο Μάκης,ο Κώστας κλπ και είναι ΙΚΕΑ 69,90 E. grrr :P
Aw philo,i'll keep it secret! ;)